When problems arise, let The Scaletta Law Firm help.

At the Scaletta Law Firm, we recognize that even the best laid plans can be disrupted and serious disputes can arise.  Our approach is to first try to resolve these matters without the necessity and expense of an adversarial lawsuit.  Disputes can arise when the terms of a will or trust are ambiguous or in conflict, or when the terms of the governing document are no longer operating as intended due to changes in circumstances that were unanticipated at the time the document was drafted.  Disputes also arise during the course of the administration of the trust or estate due to the interpretation of terms of entitlement or distributions, or whether the will or trust, or a provision thereof, was the result of incapacity or undue influence.

We work to resolve these disputes carefully with the goal of ensuring our clients’ rights are protected but also to attempt to minimize the destructive impact these disputes can sometimes have on the personal relationships between the competing interests.

If you are a fiduciary or beneficiary and need clarification of your rights under a will or trust, call The Scaletta Law Firm today.

Estate & Trust Disputes